Côte d’Ivoire seeks $2.8 billion for health investments in 2020-2024

Rédigé le 15/04/2019
Ecofin Agency

Côte d’Ivoire seeks XOF1,658 billion ($2.8 billion) for its health investments in 2020-2024. For this purpose, it organized the national discussion for health financing (Dialogue National sur le financement de la Santé-DNFS) being held in Abidjan from April 15 to April 30, 2019.

Organized by the health minister, this event is aimed at mobilizing resources (domestic notably) for increased and sustained investment in the health sector for universal health-care in the country.

These investments are tailored around seven pillars, notably community health, primary healthcare, human resources, IT, supply chain, integration of the private sector and key reforms in the sector.

According to the health minister Aka Aouélé (photo in the centre), â€œdespite the country’s economic growth and forecast, only 5.9% of the state budget is dedicated to the health sector leading to high dependence on households’ direct spendings and foreign aid. It also creates important regional inequality, high ineficiency and really poor health performances –compared with key health indicators.â€￾

Zeinab Dosso (intern)